Poplars Dancing in the Wind (2018)
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A relaxing book of poetry that brings readers to plateaus of that which nature has to offer. Each poem is accompanied by a photographic image. A perfect short read.


A gentle book of poetry that takes the reader from glorious rose gardens to diverse Italian landscapes to ever-changing skies of sunsets and cloud covers. This collection of poetry is arranged in an easy to read fashion, each poem given space to speak for itself. Some poetry pieces are reminiscent of the days of childhood playing in flowers of summertime, and some revel in the deliciousness of foreigh places. This assembly of words is a tribute to nature;her temperament, her cycles, her pulse and both her simplicity and complexity.

Candid Not Candy: Growing Up in Wartime Atlantic Canada  (2007)
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This memoir portrays a man who was brought up during the Second World War; and unforgettable time period of political and social unrest. Disease, hunger and fear plagued women and children on the home-front.