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A Life Lived on Purpose

A life lived on purpose is a life lived with intention. It means doing what one loves to do, balancing family and friends, work, and interests.

mixed media art book created and photographed by Angela McMullen

A life lived on purpose is a life where one deliberately creates joy and passion while at the same time living by ones’ values.

It is to consciously pick and choose between the wanted and the unwanted, intentionally filling each day with the wanted.

An individual living on purpose will quickly move through the inevitable unwanted without becoming bogged down in the unpleasantness of it all. It means taking necessary action to end a bad situation as soon as possible so as to resume the intentional flow of being.

An individual living on purpose will use discernment in all areas of life experience, learning about what to keep and what to throw away.

Living on purpose is to continually sort and sift, keeping only that which serves the greatest good for oneself and others.

A purposeful life is a balanced life enriched with abundant blessings, a life overflowing with pleasure, satisfaction, peace, and fulfillment.

A life lived on purpose is lived with intention instead of by default, deliberately steering the course of one’s ship.

Angela McMullen is a freelance writer who lives and writes in maritime Nova Scotia, where she is inspired by the rhythm of the Bay of Fundy tides, the pulse of long-standing forests, the expansive fields of the Annapolis Valley, the backdrop of North and South mountain ranges, and the distinction of the four seasons.

Angela's most recent work is a slim book of poetry that captures the pure essence of nature and her unwavering resilience. Infused with undertones of Italian influence, this collection of poetry speaks for itself.

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