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And a Child Shall Lead Them

Contributed by Gretchen Volenik

image photography by Angela McMullen

And A Child Shall Lead Them

The Children are on the move. They walk together hands linked. Their faces are pleading, “Please don’t shoot us with your guns. Please let us be safe in our schools. We want to learn, We want to grow up, We don’t want to be afraid.”

All over the world the children are crying out, “Save our planet. Protect our animals, our lakes and oceans And the very air we breathe.”

This Holiday season they aren’t asking for toys. They just want a chance to have a life On a healthy Earth. They want us to listen before it is too late.

These are our children who are pleading with us To do what is our duty: To protect them, To let them be children who don’t have to worry. Are we listening? Do we care?

A child's life should be magic. Their future lies with us. What will we do?

I live, write and contemplate the universe from my cabin in the woods.

I was born and brought up in nature and so try to live as reverently and gently on the earth as I can.

My writing is given to me by the universal energy that connects us all.

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