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acrylic on paper by Angela McMullen

Women derive strength from one another. Often connecting under the most extreme circumstances, they have a natural ability to comfort and heal.

They are born with two-fold wisdom. There's an intuitive wisdom carried at a cellular level from previous generations, and there is that which is gained through life experience. This compounded wisdom is invaluable.

Knowledge carried forward from mothers and grandmothers is available at any time. Throughout life, women tap into this reserve when necessary.

my grandmother's 90-year old hands Image photography by Angela McMullen

Historically, women have been the gatherers of everything that constitutes comfort- a soothing cup of tea, a warm bowl of soup, and a soft place to land in an emotional storm.

Over time, they have upheld consistent roles. They are foragers and teachers. They are midwives and mothers, mentors, and medicine women.

Mothers and grandmothers before us have chiseled wisdom into the blueprints of our souls. Through tribulation, they have furrowed onward, creating, by default, legacies of fortitude.

The strength of a woman lies within her female counterparts, and also within the hearts and spirits of her daughters.

As mothers, we are clearing paths of understanding and, in doing so, enriching the lives of our daughters and granddaughters for upcoming generations.

Our daughters are our higher selves, evolved beings who labored to Earth through our bodies. They have inherited wisdom from the generations of women who came before them. As a result, they are elevating themselves to higher levels of awareness.

Our daughters are a reflection of who we are. During times of uncertainty, they assure and comfort.

Their knowledge, which is our own, overflows from the fountain of abundance. As we have guided their footsteps, they continually guide ours.

When we tire, it is our daughters who serve the tea and become that soft spot. They are us as we are them.

Angela McMullen is a freelance writer who lives and writes in maritime Nova Scotia, where she is inspired by the rhythm of the Bay of Fundy tides, the pulse of long-standing forests, the expansive fields of the Annapolis Valley, the backdrop of North and South mountain ranges, and the distinction of the four seasons.

Angela's most recent work is a slim book of poetry that captures the pure essence of nature and her unwavering resilience. Infused with undertones of Italian influence, this collection of poetry speaks for itself.

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