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Inspired by Trees

Trees are a perfect example of nature's urgency to express itself. They are relentless, adaptable, spontaneous, balanced, and harmonize beautifully with their environments.

The trees in these photos are thriving, rising above the rocks, compensating for but not surrendering to obstacles.

The diverse expressions of trees are open to the interpreter. Do one of these trees speak to you?

Trees are noticeably social, mingling with rocks and other trees, settling with mosses, and expressing individuality through shapes, textures, colors, patterns, and stances.

The ways of trees are the ideal curriculum for the nature-based learner. Each tree has specific characteristics and personality traits that reach out to passersby.

Studying trees through meditative observation can release anxiety. Simply be present with a tree. Feel it's life force filling your veins, it's love permeating your physical body.

We commonly look upwards to see the fullness of a tree. Looking downward can be just as spectacular..

Trees reaching for light. Leaning into one another, they share the light.

With the help of rocks and solid ground, this tree lives on the edge of a steep embankment.

Another tree, growing on the edge, content with it's placement in the earth.

The intricacy of a ficus. Layered textures beautifully presented by nature.

Parting for snow. Parting to light. The spaces between tree parts can be as intriguing as the tree itself.

Parting ways. Notice the characteristics of this beauty. Rugged. Adaptable. Ever-loving. Perhaps indicative of a divergence along the path of life?

And what can be said about this beauty?

Some of the oldest trees are found growing in cemeteries.

Angela McMullen is a poet, forest writing workshop facilitator and freelance writer who lives and writes in maritime Nova Scotia, where she is inspired by the rhythm of the Bay of Fundy tides, the pulse of long-standing forests, the expansive fields of the Annapolis Valley, the backdrop of North and South mountain ranges, and the distinction of the four seasons.

Angela's most recent work is a slim book of poetry that captures the pure essence of nature and her unwavering resilience. Infused with undertones of Italian influence, this collection of poetry speaks for itself.

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