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My Poetry

Contributed by Gretchen Volenik

Multi-media art journal by Angela McMullen

My Poetry

My poetry tells you who I am. My poetry tells me who I am. It allows me to escape the boundary Of my social face, My fitting in, My desire for acceptance.

It takes me from my body, My mind, My smallness And opens up to the Witness: The vastness of Universal Energy Where I am one with Everything.

And when I am there I’m not afraid And everything is as it should be. I don’t have to control it Or understand it; I just have to live it, One moment at a time.

I live, write and contemplate the universe from my cabin in the woods.

I was born and brought up in nature and so try to live as reverently and gently on the earth as I can.

My writing is given to me by the universal energy that connects us all.

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