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Image Photography by Angela McMullen


the sweet taste of fresh raspberries

take me back to

summers of skinned knees

and sun-kissed cheeks.

a time so long ago when

endless days were filled with

mud-puddle baths

and he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not.

days of skipping rope under

a noon sun and wading in brook waters

and when ultra-violet rays did not scorch

youthful skin.

the days of terry-cloth halter tops and

rusty old bicycles salvaged from

the rubbish of the rich;

afternoons of braiding dandelion jewelry

and crafting doll houses

with neighborhood girls.

sucking on purple clover for honey

and crunching on green apples and

when playing pioneer life from

episodes of Little House on the Prairie

were all that mattered.

when sampling chicken feed on a dare

made one brave, and chasing roosters

was time well spent.

Oh those childhood memories

brought on by the taste of raspberries!

Angela McMullen is a poet, forest writing workshop facilitator and freelance writer who lives and writes in maritime Nova Scotia, where she is inspired by the rhythm of the Bay of Fundy tides, the pulse of long-standing forests, the expansive fields of the Annapolis Valley, the backdrop of North and South mountain ranges, and the distinction of the four seasons.

Angela's most recent work is a slim book of poetry that captures the pure essence of nature and her unwavering resilience. Infused with undertones of Italian influence, this collection of poetry speaks for itself.

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