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Tree Wisdom

image photography by Angela McMullen

Tree Wisdom

Below lavender skies and upon sepia earth,

man seeks understanding; his purpose to

unlock the mysteries of existence,

often with rusty keys of pessimism.

Pondering reality and imagination,

he fails to see the sameness in both, how one

cannot be without the other, how one fluidly

evolves into the other.

Is it real, is it true, these forms, names

and illusions?

Forests of hemlock and oak

chant secrets of ancient wisdom, along with

cedars and birch, and willow-fluted voices,

all in rhythm to a Universal Law

that serenades the turtles,

and cradles the wind

and soothes moonlit silhouettes in sun-crushed meadows.

Together they stand, amid flowing rivers,

graciously soaring above the grandest waterfalls,

pulsating to the eternal vibrations of the universe.

On and on, they murmur truths of The Divine,

unlocking the mysteries, unraveling riddles. Are you listening?

Angela McMullen is a poet, forest writing workshop facilitator and freelance writer who lives and writes in maritime Nova Scotia, where she is inspired by the rhythm of the Bay of Fundy tides, the pulse of long-standing forests, the expansive fields of the Annapolis Valley, the backdrop of North and South mountain ranges, and the distinction of the four seasons.

Angela's most recent work is a slim book of poetry that captures the pure essence of nature and her unwavering resilience. Infused with undertones of Italian influence, this collection of poetry speaks for itself.

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